Our Bishop

The Augustinian and sacerdotal Concord is actually under the obedience of H.E. Msgr Simon Scharf. He did his schooling in a Catholic school in the Principality of Monaco; then, after six years studies in the anti-modernist and anti-liberal (defunct) Faculté libre de théologie réformée in Aix-en-Provence, he graduated with a pre-Doctorate in Divinity.

He then was converted by the grace of God to the true faith. Convinced that the Catholic religion could not be without a Pope, he was received in the Church by H.E. Msgr Maurice Archieri (†2016), – a long-time acquaintance of H.E. Msgr Guérard des Lauriers –, whose charity, moral uprightness and sanctified life seemed to corroborate the reality of his claim to have been instituted by the Holy Ghost, in 1995, as it where pope in a formaliter way, i.e. Christ’s Vicar without a jurisdiction, just “bound of faith”. Msgr Archieri maintained links with many traditionalists, of whom many would come to his mass, although belonging to different organisations. Father Scharf was ordained in the valid line of Msgr Archieri in 2005, in order to minister to a community of converts in the East of France.

He was soon aware of the (good faith) error professed by this godly old man overwhelmed with sorrows; therefore did he join the English Sedevacantist Community of H.E. Msgr Michael French, where he was ordained sub conditione in 2009. The snubs of destiny having led him in Czech Republic in 2018, he put himself under the obedience of H.E. Msgr Koráb, – sacred in Rome sub conditione in 1998 by H.E. Msgr Pavel Hnilica, himself secretly raised to the episcopacy in 1951. In 2018, H.E. Msgr Koráb took the decision to give the fullness of priesthood to Father Scharf, for the administration of the Augustinian and sacerdotal Concord.

In March 2021, after several months of illness, H.E. Msgr Koráb was taken back to God, naming H.E. Msgr Scharf his auxiliary and spokesman.