Servatur a nobis patienter et firmiter charitas animi, vinculum fidei et concordia sacerdotalis collegii. S. Cyprian, Ep. LXXIII.

“Let charity of spirit, the reverence of our College, the bond of faith, and the harmony of the priesthood, be by us maintained with patience and meekness.”


The Augustinian and sacerdotal Concord is a society of communal life which groups together

– Friars

– Tonsured Friars

– Ordained Friars

– Aggregated Laypeople


Its purpose is to practice the Christian life according to Tradition, the Word of God and the Holy Canons.


The Augustinian and sacerdotal Concord was founded under the aegis of H.E. Msgr. Simon Scharf together with several Priests, on the feast of Our Holy Father Augustine, the 28th of August 2018. His mission is to provide the People of God with pastoral direction and the assistance of Religion during the troubled times we are living in.


Its structure is hierarchical, according to the nature of the Holy Catholic, Apostolic and Roman Church.


The religious houses affiliated to the Concord are governed by S. Augustine’s Rule.